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2018–19 Benefits


2019 - 2020 Benefits Info

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If you are eligible for a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, please read this Important Notice from TRS-ActiveCare About Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare.


This drug benefit does not provide coverage for over-the-counter (OTC) medications and selected prescription drugs and therapeutic devices. Please refer to the prescription drug benefit rider included with your Scott and White Health Plan Group Health Care Agreement for further details on the exclusions to this benefit. Common examples include but are not limited to drugs used primarily for cosmetic purposes; drugs used primarily for the treatment of infertility; and drugs used primarily for weight loss.

Drug List

The drug listings (formularies) below are updated each month.

SWHP Specialty Pharmacy Drug Program

The SWHP Specialty Pharmacy Drug Program offers the choice of two specialty care pharmacies to help manage and access specialty drugs.

Prescription Refills and Transfers

Visit the Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy online to refill prescriptions, transfer pharmacies and find medication information. Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy