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Health and Wellness Programs

Treating yourself right isn't a fad, it's a good habit. And it's a habit anyone can pick up. Let our Wellness programs improve the areas of your life that could use a boost.

Wellbeing Assessment

The Wellbeing Assessment is a simple, digital health survey that helps you take steps toward a more vibrant and healthier life. The Wellbeing Assessment asks questions about your life and delivers customized action steps from our Lifestyle Management Program. Modules are self-paced, available online, and convenient for promoting physical and mental health, all things to help you feel your best.

Assessment for members

In addition to the wellness assessment, our digital wellness platform offers: Digital Health Coaching – 6-week coaching modules with action plans, important articles, online seminars and video content on topics that include:

  • Live Tobacco Free
  • Healthy Weight
  • Less Stress
  • Healthier Diet
  • Active Living

Progress Tracker – The digital platform has a dashboard to help you keep track of important health information like A1C, weight/ BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure and physical activity. These biometric measurements can be charted over time to monitor your long-term health.

Fitness Tracker Integration – Synchronize your personal fitness tracker with the wellness platform to monitor your physical activity progress on the dashboard.

Digital Health Library – Access to articles, videos, recipes and other content to support a healthier life. You can search for condition-specific information or explore highlighted topics.

Challenges – Sometimes you need extra motivation to go the extra mile. You can participate in step challenges, hydration and even relaxation challenges.

Online Community – Access to online community forums where you can give and receive support for goals as well as get feedback from health coaches in the community.

Wondr Health - Formerly Naturally Slim:

Have you ever wondered why some people can eat the foods they love and not gain weight. Wondr Health reveals the secret sauce behind then unexpected concept through behavioral science. Learn more and apply.

  • Wondr Health Flyer
  • Nurse Advice Line

    Nurses are available to our members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our nurses can give you information about how to take care of yourself at home or can help you decide if an appointment, an urgent care visit or an emergency room visit is best for your symptoms. If you want to talk to a nurse, call 1-877-505-7947

    Healthy Pregnancy Information

    Expecting the Best® Maternity Program

    Scott and White Health Plan is pleased to offer Expecting the Best® for our members. This program is focused on helping mothers enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Expecting the Best® members will receive helpful tips and assistance during pregnancy and for one year after birth.

    • Planning for delivery, including individual support during and after a pregnancy
    • Access to a nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • Coordinated efforts to promote full-term birth in women who previously delivered pre-term
    • In-home support for high-risk conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and severe nausea
    • Early enrollment in case management support program

    • Depression screening following delivery, including postpartum resources
    • Parental education for newborn health during the first year
    • Immunization reminders
    • Planning for returning to work

    Sign up by calling the customer service number on the back of the member's insurance card or email us. Please include:

    • Name
    • Preferred phone number
    • SWHP member number
    • Brief description of needs or risk factors
    View informational flyer.

    Health Coaching

    Our Health Coaching program addresses 65 different diseases and conditions and is available to Scott and White Health Plan members by calling a Health Coach at 1-888-360-1555. You can also contact a health coach via email from the Health Information Center website

    You can also look up information on medical conditions and drugs, watch videos made by patients and/or doctors, use interactive tools such as quizzes and calculators, check on symptoms you may be having or just read the latest health news.

    The Health Information Centeralso contains our Shared Decision Making resources. Our resources give you reliable tools and information to help you make important medical decisions about your health.  Use them to become better informed about your condition so you can work more closely with your doctor when discussing your treatment.

    Complex Case Management

    This program is for members who have chronic conditions or complex care needs.  A nurse case manager will work with members, families, and the physician to create a plan to meet the member’s ongoing complex care needs. Case managers advocate for members and assist them with setting goals and making a personal plan to improve their health.  They also can assist with arrangements for necessary services.  Case managers answer questions and provide education to help members have a better understanding of their condition and plan of care.

    The purpose of the program is to help members get the best possible results and the greatest value from their health plan. Participation is voluntary. There is no additional cost to members for this program.

    For more information, please request a screening to see if Complex Case Management is the right program for your needs.